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The Rise of Rightsourcing

Have you seen the recent release of the ACC’s 2023 CLO Survey? To my surprise (and delight), the CLO’s second-highest strategic priority for the legal department is rightsourcing legal services—which was listed by 45% of those surveyed.

This was surprising mainly because I had never seen the term “rightsource” in any survey, text, or article prior to this report’s release.

Furthermore, when I surveyed my network—admittedly, a much smaller survey pool, but large enough to be directional—60% had never even heard the term.

As the President & COO of Paragon Legal, the leading company for interim legal talent for in-house legal departments, we’ve been helping clients of all different sizes solve this rightsourcing issue since 2006. And with so many legal departments feeling cost pressures like never before (feel free to check out why I think that is here), rightsourcing is one of the highest value tools there is. No wonder that CLOs have it as one of their top strategic priorities this year.

What is Rightsourcing?

In the simplest terms, rightsourcing is matching the work that needs to be done to the right resource. That could include insourcing, outsourcing to a law firm, or outsourcing to an ALSP. The goal is to meet the needs of the business and legal department in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

A bonus feature of rightsourcing legal services is that it helps make sure your in-house team is not burnt out, and that they are working on the matters that are the highest priority and best use of their time. So it’s a retention tool as well—and can protect you from the costs of high attrition that I outlined here.

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