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Although we provide legal professionals on an interim basis, we are not a typical “staffing agency.” Our attorneys are rigorously vetted, experienced, and qualified to do high-level work. We provide a higher level of service and support for our clients than a typical agency, as well as a robust attorney development program.

We provide our clients with high quality attorneys, contracts managers, and legal operations professionals across a wide spectrum of industries, areas of expertise, and levels of experience, from junior to senior level, with in-house experience and law firm training. 

Paragon team members have all chosen to follow an alternative path in their legal career, either for the current phase of their lives or indefinitely. Their reasons vary: some value the flexibility to care for young children or elderly parents, others have side projects or passions they want the flexibility to pursue, while others like being able to work for a wide variety of clients and industries. Whatever the case, Paragon team members value the opportunity to work for our clients on an interim basis, and are committed to the success of every engagement. 

We’re happy to help you figure it out. Contact us to schedule time with a member of Paragon’s client team to go over your needs. We’ll help you brainstorm, give you potential use case ideas, explain what we’ve done for other clients, and provide you with our recommendation on how to move forward.

All Paragon team members are covered by our professional liability insurance.

We have a strong network of candidates that go through a rigorous recruiting process. They meet with at least two members of the Paragon team and then we dig in and vet them further for specific projects.

Our candidate outreach process is twofold. While we review our network, our recruiting/sourcing team will also go into the market to find new candidates. This two-pronged approach ensures that we are finding the person who’s the best fit for your project and who is available. We do background and reference checks for all Paragon team members.

It starts with a conversation between you and the Paragon client team. We’ll do a thorough intake where we dig in on your business needs and what you’re looking for in a candidate. Our recruiting team will then start reaching out to candidates. We’ll send you a curated list of resumes to review, then arrange interviews with the candidates you’re most interested in. After you select a candidate, we’ll help with onboarding and help ensure that the candidate can hit the ground running.

The time from project intake to sending you candidates to review can be as short as 3-4 days, depending on the project. The interview stage depends mostly on your availability and timing. If there aren’t too many scheduling considerations, we can get a candidate to accept an offer as quickly as 1.5-2 weeks. Onboarding also depends on the client process and usually takes about two weeks.

We do not have a durational limitation and many of our projects can be ongoing. We’ll keep in touch during the project to stay on top of timing. We will agree on a set minimum hour commitment that both you and our candidate are committed to in order to ensure that both sides have visibility into time and cost expectations and so our resource can dedicate that specific amount of time to you. 

Your attorney is a dedicated resource that will be able to hit the ground running and quickly become embedded in your team. We will provide both parties with guidance on success factors and the types of expectations to set at the outset of the engagement. Your team can provide training on your processes, risk tolerance, etc.

You’ll also have a dedicated project success team. A client development associate serves as your main contact. They will check in frequently, answer questions, and respond promptly any time you contact them. Meanwhile, an attorney development associate serves as their counterpart for your attorney, providing coaching, feedback, and helping to solve any issues that may arise.

Our generous benefits and perks are part of why we’re able to not only attract but retain top talent for our clients. They include: 

  • Competitive compensation including bonuses, when appropriate. Our attorneys are W2 employees for us, meaning no joint employment or tax issues for you.
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • 401K
  • Contribution towards bar dues
  • Continuing legal education
  • Professional development, pro bono, and conference opportunities
  • Coaching and training

Paragon is supportive of conversions. We’ve had many team members become clients and clients become team members. Contact a member of your client team to discuss. 

Our billed rate includes: 

  • Rate to the attorney
  • Administrative fee to Paragon
  • Malpractice insurance 
  • Benefits, CLEs and professional development opportunities for attorneys

There is nothing hidden, and no additional fees on top.

Please schedule a call with a member of the Paragon client team!