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One solution, multiple applications

Workload Management Heading arrow

Add immediate flex capacity during busy periods or workload spikes, and move Paragon attorneys between departments to meet ebbs and flows across the team.

Interim and Gap Support Heading arrow

Fill in the gaps when employees are on leave, during hiring freezes, or while you search for the right full-time employee. Ensure your workload is covered, and maintain flexibility with resources.

Project-Based Support Heading arrow

Strengthen your team with additional resources for specific projects, ensuring you have the right expertise and support for successful project completion.

Temp-to-Perm Heading arrow

Transition an interim Paragon attorney into a permanent role, allowing you to evaluate their fit before making a long-term commitment or to help you scope a new role and build a business case for headcount.

Specialized Expertise Heading arrow

Embed an attorney with the specific expertise you need for particular projects, initiatives, or day-to-day work that doesn’t require a full-time hire.

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With Paragon, I can leverage the talent of a former general counsel who can step into a subject matter like privacy, employment or transactional support. They’ve been key to supporting our business in a way that’s allowed me to be nimble. I can utilize their talent for months, reassess my needs and not feel the pressure to make a rushed hire.


Being in expert hands means you can exhale

At Paragon, in-house counsel on demand is our sole focus, not just one of many. With years of experience in law and the legal talent industry, our team has a deep-rooted understanding of the needs and challenges of legal departments, and how flexible counsel can help meet them.

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