New attorney Famy Chavosh is a member of the inaugural class of the Paragon Career Connect program, a DEI-driven effort focused on talent for corporate law departments. A graduate of University of California College of the Law, San Francisco  (formerly UC Hastings College of the Law), Famy was matched with the legal team at Affirm, a Bay Area financial technology company that empowers consumers and helps merchants drive growth. Famy shares how being part of a corporate legal team is her dream come true and why participation in Career Connect set her up for long-term success.

Meet Famy Chavosh: Charting a transformative journey from immigrant roots to in-house legal success with the Paragon Career Connect program.

A pursuit of justice meets a passion for business

My family immigrated from Iran to California when I was young, which has given me a personal perspective on the immigrant’s journey in this country and the importance of diversity. Being a new American also piqued my interest in the American legal system. Throughout my education, I saw how much law is interwoven into day-to-day life. Earning my undergraduate degree in business unlocked my passion for entrepreneurship. I have wanted to practice in-house from the beginning and find legally sound yet business-minded solutions to company problems.

Discovering a new path to practice law

Law school certainly emphasizes the pursuit of a more traditional career route, such as private practice. Paragon’s Career Connect program is a rare opportunity. My initial skepticism that it was too good to be true soon transformed into excitement. I jumped at the chance. Applying to Career Connect was similar to applying for other jobs, with the added bonus of interviewing with the Paragon team. My Paragon contacts offer fantastic support and guidance. They are always there to answer questions or navigate me through new experiences. It is very reassuring to know that you always have someone in your corner at Paragon, which is a truly unique experience.

Happy lawyer, happy days

I love my work. One of my favorite assignments has been working alongside the marketing legal team on a project. Before working at Affirm, I didn’t know that marketing legal was a distinct area of the law that you could work in!  I am mastering my legal writing and researching skills along with softer interpersonal skills like being an effective team member.

Favorite learning moments

I enjoy the on-the-ground exposure to working on a cross-functional, fast-paced commercial legal team.  I can truly attest to my team members’ ability to grapple with any sort of ask from the business, whether it’s a purely legal question or something the engineering, sales, or marketing teams need. There is no such thing as being “specialized” and sticking to that specialty when working in-house – everyone in Legal touches every aspect of the legal review process.

More than one way to succeed

I am not the only person who wanted to go straight from law school to an in-house position, and I am fortunate I could achieve it. I would definitely recommend this route to graduating 3Ls who are looking to enter straight into the in-house realm. The support Paragon offered throughout the process helped me feel prepared to pursue my goals.

Passing the torch

My advice for new graduates is to try out as many things as possible – take on projects in areas that may not be comfortable, be available for anything and everything, and take each experience as a growth opportunity. Every new project and every new person they meet could potentially have a significant impact on their career.

Me time

My top priority right now, especially after spending many long hours studying for the bar and experiencing my first year working full-time, is maintaining my mental and physical well-being. New workout classes, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors all help me recharge and inspire me.

Up Next

My time in the Career Connect program has definitely helped me grow professionally in a holistic way that I believe will definitely benefit my future career ambitions.  And my time at Affirm has reinforced my desire to pursue in-house work.  I can’t wait for the next opportunity!


If championing and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal industry is important to your company and you enjoy nurturing new attorneys, a partnership with Paragon Legal on our Career Connect program could be a great fit for your company. Please connect with our team at [email protected] if you’re interested in participating or just want to learn more!