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2023 Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Annual Meeting

October 22-25, 2023

Paragon Insights

Strategic Flexibility: 3 Ways Interim Counsel Drives Impact

November 2023

A Quick Guide From Pre-Interview to Post-Interview Success

October 2023

Paragon Legal Expands Career Connect Program Nationwide, Collaborating with Santa Clara University School of Law, William & Mary Law School, and Leading Industry Partners

October 2023

In Celebration: World Mental Health Day

October 2023

Paragon Career Connect Spotlight: Maryam Quasto

September 2023

Paragon Legal Joins Forces with TermScout to Transform Contract Review with AI-powered Solution

September 2023

Client Profile: Tech Giant Rightsources Legal Talent to Stay on Top - A Growth Story

September 2023

How To Boost Your Work-Life Harmony: 5 Productivity Hacks for Autumn

August 2023

Paragon Career Connect Spotlight: Famy Chavosh

August 2023

Supercharge Your Legal Career: 5 Ways Project-Based Work Enhances Transferable Skills

July 2023

In Celebration: Disability Pride Month

July 2023

Case Study: Flexible Talent Keeps Legal Tech Innovator on High Growth Path

July 2023

Avoid Decision Paralysis: Steps to Start Rightsourcing Legal Teams

June 2023

In Celebration: Juneteenth

June 2023

Webinar Debrief: A Comprehensive Recap of CPRA and U.S. Privacy Regulations

June 2023

Webinar On-Demand: CPRA & the 2023 Alphabet Soup of U.S. Privacy Regulations

May 2023

Help Yourself: Self-Service Legal Resources Provide Win-Win Options

May 2023

Paragon Attorney Spotlight: Rick Heisler

May 2023

Case Study: How A Software Giant Conquers Overflow Work

April 2023

Ethical Concerns with Using ChatGPT to Provide Legal Services

April 2023

What is Rightsourcing, and How Can You Apply Its Benefits to Your Legal Team?

March 2023

In Celebration: Women's History Month

March 2023

Practical Tips From Legal Department Leaders To Manage A Turbulent Economy

March 2023

Webinar On-Demand: How GCs Can Turn Economic Uncertainty Into Opportunity

March 2023

Time for Flexibility: Legal Departments Rebuild Amid Uncertainty

February 2023

Paragon Employee Spotlight: Trista Engel and Jessica Markowitz

February 2023

Case Study: How A Cybersecurity Startup Found Success With Interim Counsel

February 2023

Paragon Alumni Spotlight: Jason Leiser

January 2023

2022 Paragon Diversity Report

January 2023

What’s Your Type of Law Department? eBook

January 2023

Associates Want In On In-House Life. Here’s What That Means For GCs.

December 2022

What GCs Learned In 2022 (And How They Can Hit The Ground Running In The New Year)

December 2022

A ‘Glaring Reality Check’ — And How GCs Should Respond

November 2022

Think Like An Owner Podcast: Jessica Markowitz - On Culture and Values

October 2022

Keeping In-House Counsel In-House

October 2022

Paragon Attorney Spotlight: David DeBord

October 2022

Paragon Interview Prep Guide

October 2022

Paragon, UC Hastings Launch Diversity Program For Corporate Lawyers

September 2022

Why Psychological Safety Is Critical to Business Success

August 2022

Paragon Attorney Spotlight: Tracy Scanlan

August 2022

Paragon Attorney Spotlight: Carolyn Samiere

July 2022

6 Steps For Law Departments Amid Economic Uncertainty

July 2022

3 Takeaways From The CLOC Global Institute

July 2022

Why Major Companies Are Outsourcing Legal Solutions

June 2022

How Law Departments Can Increase Efficiency In The New Normal

June 2022

How to Help Your Legal Team Help Others

April 2022

Webinar On-Demand: How Corporate Counsel Can Drive Efficiency in The Next Normal

March 2022

5 Tips for Building a Wall Between Personal Tech and Work Tech

March 2022

How Consumer Technology Savvy Can Also Drive Your Legal Tech Skills

March 2022

Why GCs Are Getting More Respect In 2022

February 2022

Reflecting on 2021: A Message From Our CEO

February 2022

2021 Diversity Report [PDF]

January 2022

How In-House Counsel Can Achieve Success in 2022

January 2022

15 Ways Lawyers Can Give Back To Their Communities

November 2021

Paragon Legal Attorney Spotlight: Kirk Williams

November 2021

Practice Makes “Perfect” Better: Maintaining Balance At Work And At Home

October 2021

Coping With Post-Pandemic Staff Exodus, And How To Rebuild

October 2021

Paragon Legal’s Trista Engel On The Growing Market For Interim Counsel

September 2021

The New Wave: How Millennial And Gen Z Lawyers Are Transforming Legal

September 2021

3 Ways Interim Counsel Offer Big Wins To GCs

September 2021

Leaving Work At Work: Five Steps To Disconnect

August 2021

GCs Face Ever-Increasing Challenges. Interim Counsel Can Help

July 2021

How Busy Lawyers Can Find (More) Work-Life Balance: Part II

June 2021

How Busy Lawyers Can Find (More) Work-Life Balance: Part I

June 2021

Evolve the Law Podcast: Trista Engel of Paragon Legal

May 2021

How The Pandemic Intensified GCs’ Privacy Focus

April 2021

ALSPs’ Role In Legal Industry Diversity Efforts

April 2021

How GCs Can Make Privacy a Habit in the Face of New Laws

March 2021

How Paragon Opened New Career Paths For Lawyers

March 2021

2020 Diversity Report [PDF]

December 2020

Fireside Chat with Shellye Archambeau

October 2020

Food for Thought: Protecting Grocery Workers (and Consumers) by Implementing Touchless Payments at Check-Out

August 2020

Is Your Employee Handbook COVID-19 Ready?

June 2020

Recalibrating In-House Legal Teams in the Time of Covid-19

May 2020

Media Coverage

Paragon Legal continues to expand its leadership team with the addition of Melissa Griffiths, M.A., CIM.

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Why Ambition Isn't Working for Women

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Parents in Law: Is It Possible to Be Both an Attorney and a Committed Mom or Dad?

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Making One of the Most Brutal Jobs a Little Less Brutal

The Atlantic— September 2015

Paragon included in New Models of Legal Practice study by UC Hastings

UC Hastings Study— June 2015

Mae O'Malley: Founder and managing attorney, Paragon Legal

San Francisco Business Times— January 2014

Thinking Outside the (Big Law) Box

Transcript— Spring 2013

Secondments Grow as a Better-life Option

ABA Journal— May 2013

Paragon Founder Mae O'Malley Named 2012 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Women's Initiative Silicon Valley— October 2012

Paragon Founder Mae O'Malley Featured in PBS/AOL Series on Trailblazing Women in America

PBS/AOL— May 2012

5 Views of Women in Tech

PBS/AOL— May 2012

A New Way of Hiring Legal Temps: On-Demand Legal Services

FindLaw—April 17, 2012

Paragon Founder Mae O'Malley Named to PhenomList

The Phenomlist—2011

Survival of the Flexist

The Clayman Institute for Gender Research— October 31, 2011

Size Matters: A Conversation with Mae O’Malley

Above the Law— October 20, 2011

Mae Tai O'Malley Builds Firm for Lawyer Moms

Goldsea Asian American Business— October 2011

Paragon Ranked 45th Fastest-Growing Services Business in U.S.

Inc.— August 2011

Paragon Legal Stokes Blazing Growth With New Director of Attorney Development

PR Newswire— August 10, 2011

5 Career Makeover Success Stories

CNN Money, Fortune— July 4, 2011

Paragon Legal Answers Growing Demand With New Vice President of Client and Attorney Development

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Women Who've Launched

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More Bay Area Firms Adopt Creative Legal Fees

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Legal Rebels — Mae O'Malley: Mogul Mom

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Redefining a Career in Law: Retooling a Career

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Fill-in-a-Gap Lawyers for Legal Departments

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Economic Pressure May Force Permanent Shift in Corporate Legal Costs

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New Models of Legal Practice

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Life of a Legal Mom

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Finding Value

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Work & Family Mailbox

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Have Law, Will Travel: New Breed of Firms Provides Lower-Cost, High-Skill Help [PDF]

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Law Firms Struggle to Retain Women

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Mae O'Malley: A Parent-Perfect Practice [PDF]

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More Women Leaving Firms and Finding New Ways to Work [PDF]

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Women Lawyers Find Their Own Paths as Law Firms Struggle to Keep Them

The National Law Journal — June 25, 2007

Should We Rescue Biglaw, Part II?— June 19, 2007

Big Law Losing Women Lawyers to Other Jobs

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