The Client

When you are a global software legend, making sure the right people perform the right jobs at the right time can mean the difference between success and struggle. 

Our client, a publicly traded, Fortune 500 company, relies on its more than 20,000 worldwide employees to stay competitive. The tech giant’s constant expansion, market leadership and creativity underscore the legal team’s need for agility and specialized legal expertise. Legal found itself becoming flat-footed by unexpected workflow spikes, talent gaps and special project surprises. To prevent work overflow from becoming a departmental undertow, they sought a legal talent resource that shared its commitment to excellence, innovation and adaptation.


Like many tech companies Paragon works with, our client had tried and tested the interim attorney model with other legal talent providers — with varying results. 

The software maker approached Paragon with its previous frustration. The GC felt underwhelmed by the results they were seeing. Additionally, rapid growth triggered unpredictable surges in demand for the legal team. Milestone events like new product launches, post-acquisition activities, or emerging privacy regulations caused periodic workflow chaos and logjams. They requested highly skilled, flexible help. 

Initially, our client was skeptical if Paragon’s results could really differ from competing providers, and if one shop could cover so many areas of need: commercial, marketing, product, privacy and compliance work. How to transform doubt to trust? Minimize the burdens and risk, and then overdeliver the goods!

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Strategies and Solutions

Gaining the trust of this tech giant meant helping the legal team address overflow work so the internal team could concentrate on their own specialties. 

During the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company reached out for assistance with a tech transactions assignment. To find the ideal fit, we applied our rigorous candidate matching process, starting with subject matter expertise and then cross-referencing with working style, project scope and pace, and personality, among other factors. Paragon’s customized, in-depth approach reflects the time we invest in understanding our client’s goals, challenges, need-to-haves and nice-to-haves.  

In their feedback, our client mentioned how impressed they were with the Paragon attorney’s communication skills and ability to work autonomously, particularly compared to the talent they had been using from other interim legal talent providers.  In fact, they said they were looking forward to the expiration of the agreement with their previous provider so they could turn to Paragon for future assignments.

They did exactly that. As need grew, the legal department expanded its ask of Paragon to include attorneys experienced in commercial, procurement, antitrust, product marketing and adtech issues. On the back end, Paragon collaborated with hiring managers and others to make the hiring process as seamless, pleasant and administratively burden-free as possible. We have worked on nearly 20 engagements with 8 client contacts since 2020 to keep the market leader competitive during one of the most unpredictable eras in recent history.


The incremental, flexible approach worked well for our client. As demand for Paragon resources expanded throughout 2021 and 2022, we provided attorneys, paralegals and other legal specialists to support our client in: 

  • Outbound commercial transactions
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Antitrust regulations  
  • Privacy regulatory investigations
  • Product marketing campaigns
  • Procurement concerns
  • Adtech and marketing issues

Paragon’s diverse, versatile legal candidates proved to be the right talent for the client to tame its overflow challenge. They have also built the foundation for a deeper, long-term relationship with the client.

Over the past few years, nearly a dozen Paragon candidates showed up, did the work, and added value by enhancing the legal department’s reputation within the company. In fact, the personnel stars were so well aligned, our client has converted three Paragon attorneys to FTEs as we continue to support the global leader.