Working with Paragon allows your law department to remain nimble, with flexibility to ramp up and down as business needs demand so you get the expertise you need, when you need it.

Our Client Experience

Hear from our clients directly on what it is like to work with Paragon

“Paragon is the total package, offering highly-skilled attorneys, competitive rates, and excellent client service. Their solution was a much better fit for our needs than what their competitors offered us.”
– Salesforce

“Paragon has been an extremely effective solution for us. Over the years they’ve provided us with flexible, experienced attorneys across a wide range of practice areas including tech transactions, employment, and compliance. To be able to pick-up the phone and get the level of attorney we do from Paragon has been invaluable in helping us execute on initiatives and keep our business clients happy.”– Autodesk

“Our Paragon attorney’s great interpersonal skills and expertise across a wide range of employment/HR issues are just what Netflix was looking for. Paragon did an outstanding job understanding our needs and providing an attorney who fit those needs.”– Netflix

“The Paragon attorney working with us is one of those unique lawyers that has both a high degree of legal acumen and business smarts. She’s also efficient, responsive, gets along great with the clients, and gets things done.”
— LinkedIn

“We came to Paragon with a challenging compliance project. They provided us with a senior attorney who took ownership of the project from start to finish. In addition to competence and on-point legal experience, our Paragon attorney used her organizational, process, and leadership skills to gain the trust of the clients and immediately add value. The Paragon resourcing model was efficient, fruitful and cost effective–overall a very positive and refreshing experience.”
— SanDisk Corporation

“With Paragon, I can leverage the talent of a former general counsel who can step into a subject matter like privacy, employment or transactional support. They’ve been key to supporting our business in a way that’s allowed me to be nimble. I can utilize their talent for months, reassess my needs and not feel the pressure to make a rushed hire.” – Sitecore

Our Approach

As our name indicates, we strive for excellence. This is reflected in:

  • Excellence in the caliber of attorneys. We are extremely selective in our hiring and our internal team thoroughly vets all candidates we hire. We extend offers to less than 5% of our applicants. Our attorneys not only have premier credentials and impressive work experience, they are also very personable and fit in seamlessly with our clients.
  • Excellence in matching. We believe success comes from finding the right fit, and we will only suggest candidates who we believe will be successful based on their expertise, advising style, and fit with your company’s culture and needs.
  • Excellence in service throughout the project. We will check in with you regularly to ensure your goals continue to be met, and in the rare instance where something needs improvement, we act immediately to rectify the situation to your utmost satisfaction.

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Our Services

In-house law departments turn to Paragon when they need additional support internally for:

  • Coverage for attorneys on leave
  • Handling overflow work
  • Workflow spikes (e.g. quarter end, product launches, M&A)
  • Special projects or specialized skillsets

Our lawyers have expertise in:

  • Technology Transactions
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Corporate/Securities
  • Employment
  • Privacy
  • Intellectual Property
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Real Estate
  • Contracts Management
  • Other practice areas

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Paragon Legal is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.