As a General Counsel, you may feel torn about the best approach to take when your team is facing a special project or a work surge.

You could simply ask your staff to take on the extra work, but putting too much on their plates could lead to burnout — or at the very least, some icy stares across the conference room.

Alternatively, you could hire another staff attorney, but that means onboarding a new person and trying to wring an additional salary from your budget. And of course, you could kick the work to an outside law firm, but their rates continue to rise, even as budgets continue to fall.

With flexible interim counsel, law departments can access high-quality support without overextending their resources. Not only do these attorneys have premier credentials and work experience, but they’re also able to seamlessly fit into your legal department.

In this spirit, we bring you three situations inspired by our years of experience providing interim counsel. (Any resemblance to real companies or events is entirely coincidental.)

Here’s how flexible counsel can help your law department meet and exceed its business goals.