When billions of people across the world rely on your technology, the people powering your enterprise are vital. Large corporations must be agile to stay competitive while also maximizing economies of scale, automation, and new processes. With each advancement in the business, corporate legal teams are being asked to do more and perform faster than ever before.

Disruptions from volatile markets, new regulations, and tech innovations, along with a global pandemic and recovery, have changed not only the demand for legal talent and services but also its delivery.

To help one Silicon Valley giant’s Legal department operate at peak performance, Paragon Legal made a significant impact by providing over 60 flexible legal talent placements. Our candidates demonstrated the ability to support multiple teams and functions, transforming the way the company utilizes outsourced legal talent.

Identify the Pain Points

As a rightsourcing resource for many technology companies, we were familiar with our client’s legal focus. The bigger the company, the greater the risks triggered by regulatory scrutiny, government inquiries, international product launches, rebranding, cybersecurity, and workforce layoffs.

Our client’s Legal teams faced all these challenges and struggled to manage unpredictable and fluctuating requests from business units. Some common legal support gaps the client faced were:

  • Parental and medical leave often reduce the teams’ bandwidth.
  • Organizational restructuring disrupted workflow and project deadlines.
  • Key projects needed extra hands before budgets were cut.
  • New laws created the need for niche expertise.
  • Legal Ops was growing a value-driven mindset in the department.

Whenever and wherever the demand for legal help could arise, the company sought a flexible, no-stress resource that understood its operational ebb and flow.

Procurement leads the way. Initially, the company asked Paragon for a commercial attorney to support the procurement team during a work surge.

While a relatively simple request, we invested time upfront with the client. They had previous experience with similar service providers before reaching out to Paragon. The company shared its frustration with vendors who were inefficient, responded slowly, or put forth candidates with insufficient expertise or relationship-building skills.

We used our insights to offer the hiring manager several candidates to find the right fit. After selecting an ideal attorney, the manager was relieved to leave much of the administrative and onboarding responsibilities to Paragon, calling it a value-add.

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Grow Demand Organically

Following our initial success, the Legal team and others in the company took note. Word spread holistically. As more departments sought flexible work solutions, hiring managers saw Paragon professionals’ versatility, agility and how they delivered. We were honored to have been made a preferred vendor and to have earned their trust.

Working across the client’s brands in nearly 70 placements, Paragon supported the client with:

  • Compliance Attorneys
  • Cybersecurity Paralegals
  • Commercial Attorneys
  • Contract Analysts
  • Procurement Attorneys
  • Product Attorneys
  • Privacy Attorneys
  • Advertising & Digital Advertising Attorneys

Building upon success. Over the past four years, including during COVID-19 disruptions, the client greatly expanded its wish list for Paragon attorneys across its departments and brands. Hiring managers reported that Paragon attorneys forged new high-value, cross-team relationships and processes. One flexible hire, a paralegal known for her interpersonal skills, helped a new team get off to a great start. Placement highlights include:

  • Highly experienced product attorneys for several projects
  • Privacy-expert attorneys whose issue-spotting skills support multiple teams
  • Contract analysts to clear work backlogs before the team lost its budget
  • Procurement attorneys for medical and family leave coverage
  • Numerous 6-12-month assignments and conversions to full-time placements.

Find the Right Fit with Paragon Partnerships

When it comes to their workforce, the client prioritizes finding the “right fit.” As an ongoing rightsourcing resource for the publicly traded company, we do too.

We elicit feedback from more than 120 points of contact across the enterprise. Hiring managers find it easy to provide feedback on candidates or adjust requests when deadlines or scope changed.

Several hiring managers report how their partnership with Paragon Legal brings a new peace of mind—that we truly understand what and who they need and when they need it.

The best feedback flows in both directions. In our partnership with the client, we use the institutional knowledge our candidates gain to add value. Paragon’s boots-on-the-ground attorneys have flagged potential roadblocks and anticipated new issues for the client. This insider view also helps us guide attorneys in their assignments, from onboarding to offboarding and eases the administrative burden and risks for hiring managers and departments.