Paragon Pages - Spring 2008 - Corporate Counsel On Demand
Featured Attorney Do you know who General Counsels favor in the race for the White House? Barack Obama is the clear favorite as he has received more money from top in-house counsel than any other candidate. In addition, Democratic presidential candidates have outraised Republican candidates by almost a 2:1 margin in the contest for GC cash. Amy Miller,
GC pay is up again! According to a Corporate Counsel survey, general counsel's pay continues to rise. In 2003, the average GC bonus exceeded the average salary by 17 percent, now it's by 77 percent. Anthony Paonita, 2007 GC Compensation Survey:  Bonus Round, Corporate Counsel, July 18, 2007
Paragon Hosts Networking Event On March 6, 2008, Paragon sponsored a sold out event at Mantra in Palo Alto with the Women in Licensing, Bay Area chapter. In addition to fabulous cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, the evening featured a speed networking event where attendees met many new fellow licensing professionals in a fun yet effective format. How Can Paragon Help In-House Groups Retain Talent? Surveys confirm the obvious-when attorneys cannot achieve effective work/life balance, they often leave their jobs. It is extremely costly to replace a departing attorney-Ernst & Young estimates a replacement cost of 1.5x base salary. Retaining Paragon resources can be a cost-effective tool in attorney retention. We've helped numerous in-house groups keep their attorneys happier by providing talented attorneys to assist with overflow work and help balance workloads, giving everyone a chance to have more of a life! Callout: Retaining Paragon resources can be a cost-effective tool in attorney retention.
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