Paragon Pages - Fall 2010
Featured Attorney - Greg Wong

We're excited to introduce our new Vice President of Client and Attorney Development, Greg Wong. A former Director of Legal and Business Development at Yahoo! and long-time MoFo attorney, Greg has an extensive background in corporate law and high-tech transactions, making him a tremendous asset to the Paragon team. Originally from New York City, Greg has lived in the Bay Area for more than a decade—but you’d think he's a California native.

Which NYC borough do you call home? I grew up in Queens, but went to high school in the Bronx. Even though I was 15 minutes from Shea Stadium, I still became a Yankees fan. I actually got into labor and employment law because I thought it would be a good avenue to sports law. My first firm represented the Yankees, NBA, and NHL. But other than one high-profile case involving a player who choked his coach, I never really got that sports work.

How did that change your game plan? I moved into corporate law, representing both large companies and startups during the first dot-com boom. Then I went on to Yahoo! and worked on some of their biggest properties: homepage, search, My Yahoo!, Yahoo! Toolbar. I also served as lead commercial counsel for Hot Jobs and helped handle its acquisition by It was a great opportunity to work with some of the top technology and media companies like Google, Facebook, NY Times, WSJ, USA Today, eBay, etc.

What brought you to Paragon? Honestly, the chance to work with this talented team of lawyers and impressive client roster. Plus it's really exciting for me to be part of such a rapidly growing business. Coming to work every day is just fun.

What about when you're not at work? My three young daughters keep me pretty busy. When I'm not spending time with my family, I'm usually surfing or cycling. I’ve become a huge fan of surfing since I moved to California. Before the kids, I probably surfed about 200 days per year. I also ride my road bike up in Marin, around Mt. Tam and Stinson Beach, about 80 miles per week. Then in the winter, I ski and snowboard out in Tahoe.

Sounds like you're always on the move. I don't know that everyone would agree. My 4-year-old daughter says all I do on the weekend is drink coffee and watch Arsenal football. I have what some might call an "unhealthy" passion for English Premier League soccer.

What else might surprise people about you? Well, I taught tennis in high school and college at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, where they hold the U.S. Open. I also love food and wine. I really enjoy cooking and just started making a barrel of my own cabernet. Oh…and I've secretly always wanted to be an architect.

So what's your blueprint for Paragon? I'll be focused on client and attorney development, so I hope to work with everyone on the team. I want to make sure we're providing the best attorneys for every job while also getting our lawyers the projects they want. That means adding more top companies as clients and more great lawyers interested in the flexibility and balance Paragon offers.

Farewell to the Fast Track

Mommy Track
Tired of balancing the demands of a full-time legal career with family commitments, some of the profession's brightest women are rejecting the traditional fast track path to success. According to a controversial survey of female Harvard Law graduates, 30 percent have left the conventional course for a new, more accommodating "mommy track" while another 30 percent have "off-ramped" indefinitely. As a growing number of successful women carve out flexible roles within their firms, the survey's author points to an evolving workplace dynamic for parents that includes flexible hours and working off-site. But Vivia Chen of The Careerist wonders why so many respondents left their careers completely behind - was it burnout, domestic bliss, or something else?

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Revenge of the 40-Hour Work Week

Late-night legal operatives and CrackBerry fiends beware: all those extra hours and multitasking distractions could be killing your productivity, says Margaret Heffernan of Applying the manufacturing principle of "asset integrity" to professionals in the service industry, she insists that workers' performance declines and mistakes mount after the 40-hour mark. Invited interruptions from handheld devices are another major culprit. So even though it seems like you're getting more done, there’s no real time or money saved. Read her advice to employers in ABA Journal, then print out a copy to leave on your boss's desk. Anonymously, of course.

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CMCP Annual Conference a Big Success

California Minority Counsel Program's 21st Annual Business Conference in San Francisco
Paragon's Mae O'Malley and Greg Wong with Mark Zemelman, SVP and GC, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

Paragon was proud to be a sponsor of California Minority Counsel Program's 21st Annual Business Conference in San Francisco this past October. Dedicated to promoting minorities within the legal industry, CMCP's mission is one that is closely aligned with Paragon's own mission and model. With over 80 percent of Paragon's team comprised of women and/or minorities, Paragon continues to shatter the model and demographics of the traditional firm. Learn more about CMCP here:

Giants Fever

Go Giants
Paragon gathered 25 of its clients and attorneys for the edge-of-your-seat Game 4 of the division playoffs vs. the Phillies. What a game, what a championship!

Go Giants

"Paragon is the total package, offering highly-skilled attorneys, competitive rates, and excellent client service. Their solution was a much better fit for our needs than what their competitors offered us."

John Moss, SVP and General Counsel, Commercial at


Sorry Is the Hardest Word

It's only two short words. Yet perhaps no statement is more persuasive than "I'm sorry." Now legal precedents and statistical studies confirm it. Not only are instances of apologies or disclosure leading to settlements on the rise (just ask Oscar-nominated actor James Woods), a recent survey of more than 550 people shows that "the apology fulfills some of the goals triggered by the suit" and "can reduce financial aspirations." In criminal cases, repentance is also known to yield an important social benefit: young offenders have a lower recidivism rate after sincerely apologizing to their victims. While not everyone is convinced—a Harvard study projects full disclosure will increase claim volume—so far the results seem anything but regrettable. One pro-disclosure hospital reports that malpractice claims and costs per claim are down 50 percent. Check out the rest of the stats and a few key stipulations—you might be sorry if you don't.

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Paragon Going Strong

Every day, more companies are turning to Paragon for on-demand legal expertise. Check out our latest projects to see where our senior-level attorneys have recently helped in-house groups ramp up.

  • Senior IP litigator
    Public semi-conductor company in Milipitas

  • Senior commercial counsel
    Public outsourcing services company in Palo Alto

  • Senior corporate attorney
    Public semi-conductor company in San Jose

  • Senior corporate attorney
    Public healthcare company in San Francisco

  • Senior in-bound attorney
    Public telecom company in San Jose

  • Senior out-bound licensing attorney
    Public software company in Palo Alto

  • Senior channels attorney
    Public software company in Palo Alto


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    We're always on the lookout for the bay area's top attorneys. If you have at least eight years of practice experience, including significant in-house experience, please
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    Projects currently open for:

    Healthcare transactional/regulatory attorneys

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    Senior export compliance professionals

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    Legal Hiring on the Rise

    As this year wraps up, there’s cause for celebration besides the holidays. Legal hiring is expected to jump 23 percent during Q4, according to a recent report from Robert Half Legal. The areas that stand to gain the most? Bankruptcy and litigation. More good news: 88 percent of those surveyed are optimistic their firms will be expanding during the all-important final quarter.

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